Welcome to Controcanto: it's about music.
Not the music you listen to, but the music you play, you teach, you compose.

In this site you can find musicians, teachers, schools, and whatever regards music as a profession.

In the future, this site will not be entirely translated in english, because it mainly concerns italian musical activities.
In fact, it also hosts associations or private schools that work in small communities.

However, we are as well interested in having a feedback from visitors, and exchanging experiences with foreign people who make music their way of life.

Of course music isn't only a job, but firstly a passion.
So, many people who make different jobs, make music only like a hobby, but sometimes they play and create interesting music just like musicians.

In other way, here all the music that comes from heart and mind is welcome.
Feel free to contact us for share your experience, to give your opinion, or to have further informations about our activities.
Maurizio Piancastelli

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